Renovations and remodeling help to make a space more functional, energy-efficient and offer comfort.  We pride ourselves on the ability to bring back to life any dated, defaced or damaged buildings or structures.  We have the ability to change the configuration of a space to suit any preference or taste. We operate in the commercial and residential realm. 


We understand that renovations are not a one size fits all model, so our team will work with you to determine your expectations and provide realistic schedules and budgets to suit.


Our service includes:

  • Planning – we will coordinate with the client what their goals are, what their must-haves are? What do you want to change, what do you want to make more functional?
  • Designing –  Based on the information gathered in the planning phase, a final design will be drafted that will clearly illustrate a model of what the final product will look like. This will be provided in 2D and 3D sketches. All drawings will be approved by the municipality before construction begins.
  • Budgeting – With planning and designing complete, the budget or bill of quantities with cost estimates will be provided
  • Building, Construction, Project Management – our team of professionals works closely with our clients to provide updates as the project progresses.